Ta-Q-Bin Agency
To drop and self-pick your Ta-Q-Bin at the below Ta-Q-Bin Agency.
*Self pick-up is only available at part of Circle K stores. For details, please click here.

Circle K


ILSA Laundry
Ta-Q-Bin Collect
A convenient service for both the sellers and consumers.
Ta-Q-Bin Collect not only allows sellers to fulfill orders efficiently without handling payment procedures, but also flexible for consumers to make payment at home.

Ta-Q-Bin Collect
Cool Ta-Q-Bin
Frozen and chilled food
Keep their freshness for you!

Cool Ta-Q-Bin helps you deliver your frozen or chilled goods. We provide 2 systems, Frozen and Refrigerating system to fulfill your needs.

Cool Ta-Q-Bin
Next day delivery.
Shipment picked up by 20:00 can be delivered on the next day morning. You may also choose your favorite delivery time zone.

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