Cool TA-Q-BIN helps you to deliver your goods by 2 types of low-temperature system - "Chilled" & "Frozen". Along with our special equipment, your goods will be kept under the same condition throughout the whole processes of delivery.

In May 2017, Yamato Logistics was accredited for the international standard PAS 1018:2017 (Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services – Land transport of refrigerated parcels with immediate transfer – Specification) by the British Standards Institution. We guarantee the whole delivery process will be operated and monitored under the framework in accordance to the standard, with the goal of better meeting the customers' need in terms of high quality cold-chain service.
Label Type Temperature controlling system Suggested time for pre-cooling
Chilled 0~10℃ At least 6 hours at
a temperature of 10°C or below
Frozen below -15°C At least 12 hours at
a temperature of -15°C or below
*Appropriate packaging or packing material may be required base upon the content of your parcel.
Please contact our customer service executive for further details.
Terms of usage:
  • Ensure the package is pre-cooled (chilled or frozen) 6 hours before pick-up.
  • Size and weight of shipment must not exceed 120cm 18kg.
  • Packages will be exposed to the air during loading, sorting, pickup and delivery.
    Therefore, a change in temperature may occur.
  • This service is not available at TA-Q-BIN Agency.
  • In cases of unsuccessful delivery with unclear information, absence & etc, investigation will be held immediately on the next working day (N+1 day). And such shipment will only be held in our service centre for 3 days (N+4 days), it will be returned to shipper if redelivery cannot be arranged within the mentioned period.

International Cool TA-Q-BIN

"International Cool TA-Q-BIN" is an innovative service. Fresh products can be delivered from Japan to Hong Kong customers in only 1 day. Products will being kept in special equipment during the whole transportation process which keeps its freshness and quality. You can enjoy Japanese fine food at your home now!

Not only the corporations, individual customers also benefit from this service. Your purchased products will be delivered to you within 3-7days if you purchase from specific online store. Go and check it now!

Operation flow of International Cool TA-Q-BIN
The first overseas cool chain delivery service in the world.
Fresh products from different part of Japan can be delivered to HK timely.
*Service is only available for importation from Japan to Hong Kong. Food is not acceptable for exporting from Hong Kong to other countries by International TA-Q-BIN. For more details of prohibited items, please click here.