Cool TA-Q-BIN helps you to deliver your goods by 2 types of low-temperature system - "Chilled" & "Frozen". Along with our special equipment, your goods will be kept under the same condition throughout the whole processes of delivery.
Type Temperature controlling system Suggested time for pre-cooling
Chilled 0~10℃ At least 6 hours at
a temperature of 10°C or below
Frozen below -15°C At least 12 hours at
a temperature of -15°C or below
*Appropriate packaging or packing material may be required base upon the content of your parcel.
Please contact our customer service executive for further details.
Terms of usage:
  • Ensure the package is pre-cooled (chilled or frozen) 6 hours before pick-up.
  • Size and weight of shipment must not exceed 120cm 15KG.
  • Packages will be exposed to the air during loading, sorting, pickup and delivery.
    Therefore, a change in temperature may occur.
  • Such shipment will only be held in our service centre for 7 days, it will be returned to shipper if redelivery cannot be arranged within the mentioned period.
For price enquiry, please feel free to contact