TA-Q-BIN Collect

TA-Q-BIN Collect has always been the favorite transaction method for both the sellers and consumers for its convenienceand security. This is a reliable service, the risk of fraud or default could be minimized since payment of the product value is performed in exchange for the product.


The cost of your goods is
100% collected upon the delivery.

The statement helps you to manage your bank-in record more easily.


You can pay upon the delivery; avoid being deceived online.

The pre-call before delivery gives you enough time to prepare the money.

The operation flow of TA-Q-BIN Collect

  • The service of TA-Q-Bin Collect is only applicable to contract clients. Specific waybill is needed.
    For details, please contact us.
  • Receiver can pay by cash.
  • Once the shipment is shipped out, all delivery details including the collection amount is not allowed to change. If any amendment is needed, shipment needs to be returned to the shipper for a new arrangement. Besides the settled delivery charge and handling fee, shipper also needs to bear the extra cost for the return and re-delivery.

Handling Fee

Bank-in cycle

  Closing Day Remittance Day
Weekly Every Sunday Next Friday
Monthly The end of each month The 8th of next month
  • You will receive a statement once the remittance is done.
  • The bank-in day will be extended to the next working day if it falls on weekend or public holiday.
  • The amount you receive is the net amount after deduction of all the handling charge.
  • Any claims or adjustment for bank statement must be made within 3 months from the date of delivery or return, any request after 3 months will not be accepted.