Value-added service


Time Zone Delivery Service

You may choose your favorite delivery time zone for delivery.

Same-day Delivery Service

Same-day Delivery - No approval, No fee
No registration is required for same-day delivery service. Simply ship your shipment in the morning and we will deliver it to commercial area by 6pm, or to residential or other areas by 9pm on the same day.

For Terms and Conditions for Same-day Delivery Service of TA-Q-BIN, please click here

  Cut-off time Commercial area Residential or other areas*
Online order By 10:15 By 18:00 By 20:00
*Same-day delivery service is not applicable for specific areas, please refer to service area list.

Re-delivery Service

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, maximum 3 times of re-attempt will be performed as per request (Free of charge). After 3 times of the re-attempt, shipment will be handled as undeliverable shipment and kept in TA-Q-BIN Centre until receiving further instruction (e.g. return, change the delivery address, etc) from the shipper.
SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided on the waybill. The recipient could contact the sales driver or our customer service hotline at 2829-2222 to arrange a re-delivery.
*Re-attempt appointment is available between 08:00 ~ 18:00. (Depends on the situation, same day re-delivery might not be performed.)
*Undeliverable shipment will be returned the shipper 7 days after pick-up.

Drop-off Service

You can drop your shipment at TA-Q-BIN Centres.
A $10 discount will be granted if you pay by cash / octopus card.

TA-Q-BIN Centre
Reception time: 08:00 -18:00
Yamato Service Points Location
  • Offer not in conjuntion with any other discount or credit/ cash account.
  • Only cash /octopus card is accepted.
  • The shipment will deliver in two business days if the shipment drop off at Sunday or Statutory holidays.
  • This offer only available sender pay.

Self Pick-up Service

Self pick-up service allows you to collect your shipment at your preferred location and time. It is expecially suitable for busing Hong Kong people.

At TA-Q-BIN Agency

The delivery charge for TA-Q-BIN Agency self pick-up service is $10 cheaper than the normal door-to-door delivery. It gives recipient more flexibility, and helps shipper to save the shipping cost.

For details about TA-Q-BIN Agency stores, please click here

Operation flow:
  1. Please drop your shipment at any of our TA-Q-BIN Centres or place a pick-up order.
  2. Recipient will receive a pick-up alert SMS once the shipment arrives your seleted sotre.
    Please either show the SMS or provide the 5-digit or 6-digit reference code to the shop staff upon the pick-up.

  • Circle K pick-up alert SMS (*Chinese only)
  • Recipient must pick-up the shipment within 3 days after receiving the pick-up alert SMS. Shipment not picked up within 3 days will be returned to Yamato. You can request for a re-delivery to the same store or to a residential / office address within 7 days (additional charges apply). Please contact our customer service hotline for appointment.
  • To make sure that consignee recevies the pick-up alert SMS, the contact number you provide must be a valid local mobile number.
  • This service is only available for pre-registered shipper. For registeration, please contact us.
  • You are not allowed to select the pick-up date.
  • The opening hours of each agency vary. For details, please click here.
  • The selected pick-up store is not allowed to change once the shipment is dispatched.
  • Prepaid shipment only. Cool TA-Q-BIN, TA-Q-BIN Collect & charge to receiver shipment are not applicable for this service.
  • Size and weight of shipment must not exceed 100cm and 6kg.
  • Only prepaid B2 waybill with specified format is acceptable.
    Make sure the master code for "delivery charge" is changed from "01" to "04".

PayPal Return service

Returning goods should be easy.

Bought something but it didn't fit, wasn't what you expected or simply changed your mind? Don't worry. Send it back (by call or drop off at Circle K) and PayPal will refund up to $20 USD of the return shipping cost*. Activate now to enjoy this service on your next purchase via PayPal.

Activate for free
How does it work?
1 Return your item
Follow the seller's return instructions for your purchase. Remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.
2 Submit a Refund Request
Log into your PayPal account, select the purchase you returned and click on "Request a refund on return shipping". Submit the form along with proof of your return within 30 days.
3 Receive your refund
You'll see a refund of up to $20 USD in your PayPal balance within 10 business days for all approved claims.
*Up to 3 refunds to the value of $20 USD each until 31 December 2017.
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Faster and more secure

PayPal is designed to give you a peace of mind. Add your credit cards to your free PayPal account. Shop with just an email and password, or even one click with PayPal One TouchTM. Your financial information will not be disclosed.


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PayPal works with a variety of reputable and well-known shops to bring you exclusive offers. Checkout with PayPal enables you to keep earning credit card reward points.

Refunded Returns Service

Change your mind after purchase? Send eligible items back, PayPal will refund up to $20 USD off your shipping fees.

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Packing material for sale

  Type Price Size (cm)
Black Cat Box (6) $7 (L)20cm x (W)27cm x (H)13cm
Black Cat Box (8) $11 (L)23cm x (W)32cm x (H)15cm
Black Cat Box (10) $15 (L)31cm x (W)42cm x (H)25cm
Black Cat Box (12) $20 (L)37cm x (W)49.5cm x (H)30cm
Wine Box (1 bottle) $10 (L)12.5cm x (W)12.5cm x (H)35cm
Wine Box (2 bottles) $15 (L)13cm x (W)25.5cm x (H)35.5cm
Wine Box (6 bottles)
*Wine Box Includes
2 Wine Box Cushion
$28 (L)29.3cm x (W)21.8cm x (H)37.2cm

Assembly Method
Wine Box Cushion $9 (L)28cm x (W)19.5cm x (H)17cm
Attention: Packing materials once sold are non-refundable.
You would be entitled to the discount below if you purchase 10pcs or more of our TA-Q-BIN wine box:
  1-9 pcs 10-19 pcs 20-29 pcs 30 pcs or more
Wine Box (1 bottle) $10 $8 $7 $6
Wine Box (2 bottles) $15 $13 $11 $9
Wine Box (6 bottles) $28 $26 $24 $22
Wine Box Cushion
(6 bottles)
$9 $9 $8 $8
(Above is the discounted unit price)
  • Cash payment only.
  • This discount is for single transaction only.
  • Different combination is allowed.
    You may enjoy this discount when you purchase any wine box size for 10pcs or more.