Staff Training

We are committed to treasure our staff of the highest calibre as our valued assets. By implementing a clear career structure, we strive to provide them with myriads of opportunities to learn and grow holistically. In pursuit of excellence, we offer our staff a comprehensive training program on a regular basis to empower them with a multitude of knowledge and skills for their career.

Induction Training

To boost our frontline staffs' efficiency and their service quality as a whole, we provide a series of orientation training for our new staffs. The programs include New Sales Driver Training, Driving Training and New Sales Driver Review Training. The training programs are designed for new staffs to excel in their careers.
New Sales Driver Training

The new sales driver training provides basic information and our precepts. It also focuses on techniques related to daily operation such as the maintenance of high quality service, delivery procedure, sale, customer inquiry, parcels handling and safety issues.
Driving Training

The Safety Supervisor will demonstrate the concept of ‘Safety first’ to our ‘safe drivers’ to ensure that they uphold a proper driving attitude and safety consciousness, and maintain their driving skills so as to prevent any accidents

New Sales Driver Review Training

To ensure that the new sales drivers are fully integrated in the working environment and to improve their service quality, all new sales drivers are required to attend New Sales Drivers Review Training after the probation period to reinforce their basic knowledge and skills of daily operation.

Career Up Training

We endeavor to launch professional management trainings for our senior level staff that provide them skills to enhance their leadership and revolutionize the current management structure.
Group Leader Seminar

Group leaders will gather regularly to discuss issues such as new staff nurturing direction, operation improving strategy and complaints handling method in order to strengthen their competencies in operation and raise quality of ta-q-bin service.
Assistant Area Manager Training

Assistant area managers learn topics of operation management, sales promotion and quality control to build up their management knowledge by means of case study and on-site  visit. This will deepen their understandings on the operation strategies of Yamato.
Overseas Training

Managers have chances to join trainings held by other subsidiaries of Yamato Holdings in other Asia regions such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, to understand daily operation from overseas and exchange knowledge in purpose of improving ta-q-bin service quality.

Value-added Training

Apart from the on job trainings listed above, we will arrange other training sessions such as Japanese Workshop and external workshop.
Basic Japanese Workshop

Japanese workshop is organized to provide staff basic knowledge and skills on the Japanese language such as basic pronunciation, simple vocabularies, greetings and Yamato words (Ta-q-bin, Ta-q-bin Collect). The workshop is run in small classes, in which a diverse range of learning activities are offered, including role-playing and film-watching.
External Workshop

We encourage our staffs to pursue continuing education to attain professional qualifications. Provision of subsidy will be granted to eligible staff for participating training courses related to vocational enhancement.