FAQ & Support

FAQ about TA-Q-BIN Services

Can you pick up a package at home or office?
We provide free of charge pick-up service.
How can I arrange a pick-up?
You can call our customer hotline to arrange or place an order via online Pick-up Request Form.
Can I select the pick-up time?
You are not allowed to select the pick-up time. For pick-up schedule, please click Here.
How do I get a waybill?
You can order it with our customer hotline servicer or get it from our service centre. For service centre details, please refer to here.
How to fill in a waybill?
For local waybill, you can fill in by using Traditional Chinese or English. For details, please read TA-Q-BIN: Way of Filling in Waybill.
How is the rate of package calculated?
For details, please read TA-Q-BIN: Rate.
How is the size of a package measured?
The size of the package is determined by the total of the length, wide and height.
Every single TA-Q-BIN must not over 160cm and 25kg.
  • 3 levels of TA-Q-BIN weight standard:
    Size Limitation
    Document 1kg
    ≤100cm 10kg
    101cm~160cm 25kg
  • Example)
    Size Weight Treated as
    77cm 7.1kg 80cm
    77cm 11.1kg 120cm
How do you handle shipment which is undeliverable?
We provide free delivery / re-delivery for 3 times only.
Undeliverable shipment will be returned to the shipper with notice in advance.
Do I need to pay additionally for your packing materials?
We sell safety packing materials. For details, please read Packing Materials for Sale.
How do I check the delivery status of my package?
You can check it via Tracking System.

Proper Ways of Packing

Put them in plastic bags or a box.

Use adhesive tape in a form of an I shape.
Stacked packages

Please wrap as a single package.
(A little hint: the heaviest at the bottom, the lightest on top)

Put them in a large carton box in which the empty space is completely filled up.
  • Stronger protection for your package can be ensured by using appropriate packing materials.
  • Boxes can be purchased at our service centre or call us for direct home delivery (no additional charge).