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Corporate History

TA-Q-BIN's history in the past 40 years

Having the support from our valuable customers, it has been our 40th birthday on 20 January 2016.
Although TA-Q-BIN has been grown as a company handling more than 1.6 billion shipments per year,
there were only 11 shipments on the first business day.

Before TA-Q-BIN was born

In 1919, there were only 204 trucks in total in Japan. Yamato Transport Ltd as a company which possessed 4 among those started the business at that time. In the 11th year of starting the business, the first shipping line in Japan had been started. Thanks to the whole delivery network around eastern district, the business had been growing rapidly in just a few years. Under the high-growth period, the full-scale periodic delivery service also showed an explosive growth.

However, a dark shadow had also been stalking. In the middle of 1960, lots of highways were built. Many companies started the long-distance delivery service. However, Yamato Transport Ltd was not aware of the change of the market and they felt behind the others. All the customers were using the service provided by the pioneers when they aware of it. In the meantime, the oil shock occurred in 1973. The prosperity came to an end suddenly and the company was facing a management crisis.

A photo taken in front of the truck when the business was started
Yasuomi Ogura, the founder and the drivers
How shipment was delivered before TA-Q-BIN was born
At that time, individual had to bring their goods to the post office if they want to deliver something. The goods they sent must not exceed 6kg. Otherwise if the weight was over the limit, individual needed to well pack the goods, rope the parcel and bring the parcel to the train station by themselves. When Ogura noticed this situation, he said "I think this market is really interesting because there is no competitor. Although there are 2 companies there, their services are both not good. You never know when the persimmon sending from the countryside is arriving Tokyo. If we enter this market, I believe we will succeed. (Abridged)"

The birth of TA-Q-BIN

In 1971, Masao Ogura became the president of Yamato Transport Ltd. He pursued the reason of the low revenue of the company. It had been a common sense within the industry that "Small parcel costs more in pick-up and delivery. It does not meet the profitability. Comparing with delivery of small parcel for many times, delivering bulk shipment at one time would be more reasonable." However, Ogura found that this was wrong. He believes that "The unit price per kg of small parcel is higher. There must be more revenue if we handle more small parcels". He announced "TA-Q-BIN Development Guideline" internally in 1975 summer. As the "basic way of thinking", the following items were mentioned in the guideline:

[1]Have to think in the position of customer
[2]Regarded as a persistent and development systems
[3]Maintain more excellent and standardized service than others
[4]Target unspecified number of shipper or shipment
[5]Plan for a thorough rationalization

The father of TA-Q-BIN Masao Ogura
Base on these 5 rules, the so-called origin of TA-Q-BIN finally helped the working group, mainly the young generation, in developing the new services.

Besides, a new TA-Q-BIN service with the concept of "just one phone call to pick-up, pick-up every single shipment from your home, next day delivery, cheap and clear rates, simple packing" born in 20 January 1976.

TA-Q-BIN manual
The cat logo was created from a picture drawn by a child!?
The cat logo of Yamato Group was actually inspired by the "parent-child cat mark" of the business partner, Allied Van Lines, an American transportation company.
The mark of " A cat mother is carrying her kitten gently" made Yasuomi Ogura, the president of that time, strongly thinking that it is exactly the same attitude a delivery company should have.
It is also being said that the design comes from a picture drawn by the child of a PR representative at that time.